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NEXTERGY - Renewable Energy Company
Nextergy Company was created to develop and introduce affordable, clean energy throughout the world. We are experts in our fields, dedicated team members, and passionate individuals. We develop, own and operate large-scale renewable and other clean energy generation and storage facilities worldwide. Our home office is located in London and we have regional development offices in many countries.

In a dynamic and ever-evolving sector, we solve the energy challenges facing our customers and our communities. The world is just beginning to accept what we've known for years - clean power and renewable energy sources are the future. Our successful track record of developing, building and operating facilities proves that clean energy can be safe, reliable and affordable. The movement of wind and water, the heat and light of the sun, the carbohydrates in plants, and the warmth in the Earth - all are energy sources that can supply our needs in a sustainable way.

The explosive growth of renewable energy has shaken up the energy industry over the last decade. As solar and wind costs continue to fall and bottlenecks such as storage capacity decrease, we believe that renewable energy will comprise for most of global power generation very soon. In the coming years, the share of electricity generated by renewables worldwide is set to grow faster than any other source.

While fossil fuels will still be a massive source of power, the growth in renewables will still be impressive. And that impressive growth could be worthy of portfolio position for investors. The easiest way to play it is through the NEXTERGY - Renewable Energy Company.
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